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About Us

Welcome to

All things mellifluous publishing! 

(Pronounced Mah Lyf Loo Us

I'm Mee'key and I'm thrilled that you are here.  We are a newly launched, boutique publishing company and specialized copywriting services. Our primary focus is independent publishing, where we provide a platform to SPOTLIGHT and CELEBRATE the Independent Artist!  Those passionate souls, who desire to share their creative gifts and talents with the world! 

However, we don't stop there!!!! Mellifluous also provides additional specialty support in copywriting, media branding, editorial, and production services. It supports Business Owners,  desiring top-notch quality documentation of their brand's visibility through their presentations, marketing materials, and online platform presence.  

We strive to help both the indie artist(s) and small business owner(s) successfully achieve their CREATIVE GOALS, saving them time and money while enhancing their BRAND!   

Please browse around, (as we add new info often).

Check out our Featured Artist Page, to savor the currently spotlighted artist(s), and be sure to purchase their book(s) or musical project(s), while you are here. 

This June 2024' we are rolling out our new blog series

Life,  Literature, Love, and Music,

which shares my thoughts, reflections, and aspirations on this Life's journey from a heartfelt Indie Artist's perspective.  

Lastly,  please join our mailing list (below) to subscribe to this blog, and learn about new products and services, ongoing creative news, and events as they happen.

 Again, we appreciate you stopping by our website. Please visit us as often as you'd like.  

We appreciate thee... so very MELLIFLUOUSLY 

Peace n love and creative hugs,


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